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About your order
Has my order been shipped?
  An order acknowledgement will be emailed once the order has been processed by HL Kirmington office giving an estimated ship date. To make contact please email
I need to change my order.
  If you require changes to an order or need to remove items please contact our support team by email at
How do I track my order?
  Please contact the support team for more information regarding any orders placed online. Email
My order never arrived.
  Please contact our customer support team for assistance by email
An item is missing from my shipment.
  Please contact our support team at HL Display by email if you find a product missing from your order.
When will my back order arrive?
  Back ordered items are those which our suppliers are unable to predict when they will have more in stock, but as soon as they do, we will be able to ship the item to you.